Very Low-loss LMR-400 RF WiFi Antenna Range Extension Cable N Female to N-Male Connector (10 feet / 3m)

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  • Ultra Low-loss USA MADE Double Shielded Times Microwave LMR-400 Coaxial Cable exceeding all US, NATO and IDF MIL-C-17 Standards
  • LMR400 / LMR-400 is a Registered Trademark of Times Microwave Systems * If your Coax does not say Times Microwave it is Not the "Name Brand" but a copy. Times has filed papers with Amazon to prevent Trade Mark and Patent infringement. No other manufacturer uses the TM jacket and dielectric properties in cable production.
  • Ultra low loss characteristics ensure the maximum performance of your antenna installation
  • Assembled by MPD Digital - a DoD Supplier - in our GA Facility using MILSPEC Componants
  • Antenna cable - Connects Access Points, Routers and Radio transmitters to Antenna

Product Description

Ultra Low Loss Cable is designed to transmit the maximum signal to your antennas. 1/2 inch LMR-400 cable meets Military Specifications with silver foil and silver coated copper conductors for less signal loss in runs up to 200 feet.. In this high quality cable, the dimensions and spacing of the conductors are uniform. Any abrupt change in the spacing of the two conductors along the cable tends to reflect radio frequency power back toward the source, causing a condition called standing waves, reducing the amount and quality of the transmitted power. To hold the shield at a uniform distance from the central conductor, the space between the two is filled with a dielectric designed to maintain the proper spacing between conductor and shielding to assure maximum signal transmission and lowest loss. You should allow three inches of cable to make a 90 degree turn in your runs without causing signal loss. The connectors used with the coax must also hold the correct spacing through the body of the connector to avoid signal loss. The transmission of energy in the line occurs totally through the dielectric inside the cable between the conductors. This shielded cable can be bent and moderately twisted without negative effects, and can be strapped to conductive supports without inducing signal interference.

Product Detail

  • ASIN: B001DK6OH4
  • Item model number: n-female
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